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Visit the archive to read previous editions of our Credit Risk Insights Newsletter. Here you'll find critical information and resources needed to succeed in today's Banking environment. Providing our clients with the most up to date industry information has always been central to our business.

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Credit quality improves, but how much better can it get?

Even as many banks have moved past the last credit crisis, industry observers say that many smaller institutions are still struggling with legacy problems, while some of their competitors are aggressively lending on terms that may lead to problems down the line.

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OREO balances reach 5-year low among US banks

Other real estate owned balances at U.S. banks continued to edge down during the second quarter, reaching their lowest levels in five years.

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OREO Balances Decline Despite Headwinds

Bank industry OREO balances fell during the first quarter, continuing a gradual decline from post-crisis highs as banks have focused on moving real estate off their balance sheets.

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Managing Credit Risk in the Modern Age

The financial crisis proved that traditional credit risk metrics weren't enough. Bank boards that thought their institutions had excellent credit quality watched them fail when real estate values fell and the recession hit. Nowadays, banks of all sizes are either forming or have advanced enterprise risk management programs looking at the bank's overall risks into the future. So how is that changing the analysis of loans and credit quality? In this 2nd Quarter 2014 Bank Director article, Credit Risk Management co-founder David Ruffin explains how to make sure your bank has an excellent credit risk management program in place.

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Why Stress Testing is a Must at Community Banks

Although it is not required for banks under $10 billion in assets, stress testing is a crucial tool for banks of all sizes to manage assets and risks. Stress testing is really nothing to fear. It can be done inexpensively. It's also an integral component of emerging enterprise risk management (ERM) practices at community banks. In this May 2014 Bank Director article, Credit Risk Management co-founder David Ruffin discusses what stress testing can do for community banks.

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Banks Continue to See Credit Improvement in Q1, Easing Way in Deal Environment

Banks have continued to move past the credit cycle as credit quality improves, a fact that has eased some deal talks and improved pricing, observers said. It has also shifted the focus of many in the industry away from legacy asset issues and to the current underwriting environment where some have warned of increasing duration and credit risk, as bankers try to avoid the mistakes of the last cycle. Read the full May 2014 SNL Financial article for David Ruffin's interview comments on this topic.

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Products and Services Videos

ERM that Actually Works (± 30 minutes)

Watch a 30-minute video where Credit Risk Management explains and demonstrates the ERMA and Zero Touch ERMA solutions.

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Stress Testing Using CRMA® (± 9 minutes)

In this video CRM presents using our Credit Risk Migration Analysis (CRMA®) process as a foundation for effective loan portfolio stress testing.

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Two Phase Due Diligence (± 8 minutes)

In this video CRM presents our two phased approach to loan portfolio due diligence. Phase I of this approach incorporates a remotely performed portfolio analysis with credit loss estimation which can be used to make a go/no go decision before proceeding to a boots on the ground detailed file review and refined credit loss estimate in Phase II. This process is useful for all Merger, Acquisition, Capital Raise and/or Equity Investment transactions involving any type of loan portfolio.

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Ways to Win at Enterprise Risk Management (± 4 minutes)

In this Bank Director video, Credit Risk Management co-founder David Ruffin presents winning strategies to help you succeed with a correct approach to Enterprise Risk Management.

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Instructional Videos

Login required. CRM customers, please call 919-846-1601 to request access to the Instructional Videos.

How to Calculate Present Value Impairments (± 3 minutes)

In this video, CRM presents various ways to calculate the Present Value of a loan in the context of impairment calculations. This includes an Excel demonstration of both the PV() function and the NPV() function.

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How to Calculate Present Value Impairments — FAQs (± 12 minutes)

In this video, CRM answers frequently asked questions about the Present Value of a loan in the context of impairment calculations.

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Global Cash Flow Workbook — Tips (± 5 minutes)

In this video CRM presents 10 "Tips and Tricks" for more effective use of the Global Cash Flow Workbook in our CRM Toolbar®.

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Basel III (± 6 minutes)

In this video CRM presents how to prepare for Basel III, with particular focus on the Supervisory Assessment Process.

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Interest Rate Impacts on the Loan Portfolio (± 11 minutes)

In this video CRM presents the interconnectivity between interest rate risk and credit risk in a rising rate environment. This includes a high-level approach to assess the sensitivity of the loan portfolio to interest rate shocks.

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Spousal Signatures and Marital Status Discrimination (± 14 minutes)

In this video CRM presents issues concerning compliance with spousal signatures and marital status discrimination.

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Flood Insurance Requirements and Coverage (± 14 minutes)

In this video CRM presents issues concerning compliance with flood insurance requirements and calculating sufficient flood insurnace coverage for condos and second leins.

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2013 Q4 CRM Credit Manual Regulatory Changes (± 21 minutes)

In this video CRM presents 4th quarter 2013 manual updates, focused mainly on updates that apply to regulatory compliance. This is in part an explanation of what's in the manual, how to use it effectively and your responsibilities for updating information that is specific to your bank.

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CRM Tools Implementation of Dodd Frank Mortgage Rules (± 6 minutes)

In this video CRM presents an overview of the customizations required for CRM tools and services that you subsribe to. We review a number of factors related to the new Dodd Frank regulations that went in to effect January 14, 2014, including:

  • Ability to Repay ("ATR") and Qualified Mortgage ("QM") overviews
  • ATR and QM Decision Points
  • Impacts on CRM Manual
  • Impacts on CRM Credit Leader®
  • Impacts on CRM Toolbar®
  • What CRM needs from you to ensure your tools are complaint

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E-Sign (± 10 minutes)

In this video CRM presents issues concerning compliance with electronic signatures.

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